Welcome To Colshaw

Hi there! I’m Colby, Creative Director here at Colshaw Web & Media. Some of you may recognize me as the guy sitting in the corner at Cloudburst Cafe staring intently at his laptop, or perhaps we’ve crossed paths professionally while collaborating on a project. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little background information. I’m originally from Canada, born in the province of Ontario and raised in Beautiful British Columbia. I spent the majority of my childhood living in various parts of the Lower Mainland. Eventually I found myself moving across the world to live the beach life out in Australia.

After living somewhat of a nomadic life, in late 2010 I found myself back home in Whistler, BC. Living in the mountains and being surrounded by nature really appealed to me. The summers and the winters here in the Sea to Sky corridor are so spectacular (highly recommend checking it out for yourself!). I quickly fell in love with the mountain lifestyle and developed a passion for skiing, the backcountry, and the amazing terrain that it offers.

Growing up in a very creative household, with my mum being an artist and my dad a talented musician, creativity and the importance of a creative outlet was instilled in me from a very young age. It didn't seem to matter what activity I did, as long as it was remotely creative,I was happy. As I progressed into my teenage years, the thought of digital design really interested me. This specific discipline coupled the two things I was very passionate about: computers and art. After taking a few courses related to digital design and web design, I knew that this was what I wanted to do, not just for fun but as my career. I recognized that my passion for creativity didn't just have to be a hobby, it could be a career that was impactful and provide value to the community. Out of these reasons, I started Colshaw Web & Media in 2016

Who We Are

Colshaw is a small creative agency dedicated to helping brands get noticed. Our main goal with starting Colshaw was to work with businesses small and large to help them define what makes their brand stand out, and help these ideas become realities. We pride ourselves on creating engaging designs both on and offline, designs that are unique and stand out from the competition. Our specialties include services such as Website Design, Website Development, Branding and Logo Design.

What We Do

We are often asked to explain the difference between website design and website development. How we explain it is that there are two parts that go into a website: how it looks and how it works.


Every project we start begins with design. Building anything without a plan or a blueprint is just a recipe for disaster, this is especially true when it comes to building a website. By separating design and development into two separate phases, we are able to test items related to the design in an environment that has less technical limitations. The design stage allows us to get a feel for the layout, colours, content, page structure, and navigation. All these touch points of the website and more are taken into consideration and are designed to create a cohesive look and feel that represents the brand of the businesses we work with.


Once the design stage is completed, we begin developing the framework into a fully functioning website. Unlike many web agencies whose focus is either on design or development, we offer both website design and website development services under one roof to keep the final product consistent with the initial vision. We don’t believe in outsourcing or using programs to do this for us. We don’t use templates or website builders either. Everything we create is done in house and is fully customized, built specifically for the needs of each individual client.

Our development process differs from project to project, but the end goal for each website is always the same: to develop a platform that is easy to use for both the client and their customers. Because of this, we build all of our websites on top of the most popular content management systems out there such as WordPress and Shopify. We leverage each platform’s ability to manage content in an eloquent way, and we couple that with custom development to take the information from these platforms and display it in a way that is unique and exciting.

Technologies We Use

We use a variety of industry leading technologies to ensure that each site we build is up to the standards of the everchanging landscape of the digital world we live in. Some of the technologies that we use are:

  • Wordpress
  • Shopify
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Gatsby.js

We believe that the way a website is built is just as important as how it looks and feels. This is why we spend countless hours each year brushing up our skills to offer the most advanced technologies available to our clients.

Logo Design and Branding

Building a website is essential to getting a business off the ground, however, a website is only one of the essential brand elements that are required when building a brand. We offer both Logo Design and Branding Services to help build a well-rounded brand image both on and offline.

Logo design

A brand's logo is perhaps one of the biggest items that attribute to its recognition. We value the importance of creating logos that not only stand out but are also modern, versatile and timeless. We understand that a logo is more than just an icon or a shape, it has the potential to have deeper meaning and representation. Because of this, our logo design methodology places a high importance on collaboration ensure that the client is involved throughout the decision-making process.


Having a logo is one thing, but a brand that is consistent and cohesive across all areas of its digital and physical presence is a brand that stands out from the crowd. Our branding services take a deep dive into the needs of a business and help create guidelines related to colours, typography, photography, packaging, store design and other specific items related to the business. These guidelines, coupled with a well designed logo, help to create a brand that has high recognition and a seamless experience across all platforms.

Why We Exist?

We recognize that running a business involves a lot of moving parts. The time and focus required to create a strong and resilient brand identity can often mean that business owners are forced to shift their focus from doing what they are most passionate about in order to manage these added responsibilities. We take that load off the shoulders of entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools they need to focus on what they are passionate about. We help businesses get off the ground and get seen from day one. Ready to give your business the recognition it deserves? Let’s get in touch.

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